Tour Posters

These are some link to tour posters:

 The Elements that they have in common are they have a date/s that the concerts are on .

Where the concert is held.

and the name of the Band.

I like the Green Day poster because it is eye catching so more people would look at it and go.

My Page Evaluation.

  • My page matches my intial plan  – Yes except for the addition of some pictures.
  • My page matches the colour scheme and layout of the others in my section – Yes although the layout isn’t exactly the same.
  • The links on my page work correctly – Yes they link to the correct pages.
  • The links on my page are easy to find and accessible – Yes they are easy to find .
  • I have used suitable images on my page – yes I have used suitable pictures for my page .
  • The information I have used is suitable for my audience – Yes its suitable and gives the required information.
  • I have included extra elements (buttons, scrolling text, roll-overs etc) I have included buttons.
  • Overall grade for my page: I would give my page a 2.
  • Other comments: I gave myself a 2 because I included buttons and several pictures but I didn’t include scrolling texts or roll overs .

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The audiance for the CBeebies website is children under the age of 6 yrs.The purpose of this site is to entertain children.

The special features of this site are

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16th Octomber

Today we had history,Pse,Biology,R.S and Drama.

-History-in history we learnt about Mary Queen of Scots and her husband how she came to the thrown when she wa six months and was sent to france then she returned at 19 to Scotland since her husband the King of France had died then she married lord darnley who was a dunkard who became jealous of Mary’s secatary david Rizzio and murdered him .Then Darnley’s house was blown up and he was found dead on the lawn he had been murdered and Mary and her new husband where suspected of the murder.Mary began to loose battles against the Scots and fleed to england and was imprisoned by Elizabeth 1 for 19yrs.

 PSE- In pse we went on QandA which is a syt which lets you ask questions and people from all around the world can give you there knoledge on that topic here is a link http://qna.live.com/ so you can do the same.

Biology- We talked more about Digestion and That Carbohydrase is the enzyme that breaks down Carbohydrates

Protease breaks down protein

and Lipease (i think thats how you spell it ) breaks down Fats(lipids)

R.S- well in r.S we didn’t do R.S we had to help with the drinks for the childen from the junior school who were watchin “Forbiden Planet”

Drama- because or drama teacher MR.F  was in th Fobiden Planet  we had our physics teacher and had to write up about what we did this half term .

The we got to go home!!!